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Welcome to the Bee Tree family

We mean that literally.

Bee Tree is an independent, family-run business in the South Downs of Sussex. We have a passion for making great English wines from ethically and sustainably-grown fruit. We’ve used that passion to create a fresh, vibrant range we know you’re going to love.

Meet our wines

Our wines are made with fruit that we plant, grow, nurture and harvest ourselves – we never buy from anyone else. So you can be sure that every drop has had our full attention from grape to glass.

As you can imagine, our wines mean a lot to us and we’re hugely proud of them.
We’d love to invite you to get to know them.

2018 Single vineyard sparkling rosé 12% ABV

This gorgeously coral-coloured pink fizz foams with fuzzy peach and the blend of sweet and sharp you only get from the perfect strawberry.

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2020 Barrel fermented chardonnay 11.5% ABV

A sparky, green-apple-fresh chardonnay that combines lemon sharpness with sweet fig and the subtlest scent of sea mist rolling over the Downs.

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2020 Single vineyard pink 12.5% ABV

Every mouthful of our light, rose-gold pink offers the soft sweetness of wild strawberries, lifting into tart redcurrant and a surprisingly satisfying space dust tingle.

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2020 Single vineyard pinot noir 12% ABV

Our glorious ruby-red pinot noir blends the soft berry sweetness of red liquorice with a subtly smoky spiciness and a gentle hint of toffee apple.

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Our wine is for everyone

We think everyone can appreciate good wine. Which is why we’re here for sommeliers and stockists, experts and enthusiasts, and anyone else who would like to give it a try.

If you’re interested in stocking our wine for resale, drop us a line on sales@beetreevineyard.co.uk.

If you simply like what you see and would like to try some for yourself, pop to our shop to choose individual bottles or mix and match sets of three or cases of six.

Supporting sustainability

We don’t do — no pun intended — buzzwords. So when we tell you we’re committed to sustainable viticulture, that means we use the most sustainable management methods available.

We also help research and develop varietals and methods that allow more environmentally-responsible practices.

That’s why part of our vineyard is dedicated to experimental, naturally fungus-resistant varietals. It’s why we’re testing frost protection methods based on ground source heating.

It’s also why we’re members of — and audited by — the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain committee.

Oh, and we believe our responsibility extends beyond our production methods.

We’ve established bird and bat boxes in the hedgerows and woodland around our site. We’ve scattered native plant seeds around our perimeter and in the ditches.

We’re always looking for more ways to support biodiversity and respect the natural processes that happen on and around our site. That’s not just a box we like to tick – it’s a fundamental part of what we do.

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There’s a flat fee of £10 for shipping up to 12 bottles. We use flexi-hex packaging, which is plastic free and easily recyclable, and we only ship twice a week to keep emissions to a minimum.

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